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Who can become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Once you have passed your Instructor Exam, you can improve your skills and your resume by becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer through Specialty Instructor Training our the Diving Instructor Internship Program.

Before applying for Master Scuba Diver Trainer you must be a PADI Instructor with

the following:

  • Five PADI Specialty Instructor ratings
  • Have certified 25 PADI Divers
    • No more than five from courses without dives.
    • No more than five from PADI Seal Team or Master Seal Team registrations.

About the PADI Master Scuba Diver trainer Program

Our MSDT program is unique and we will take you beyond the common Instructor training with experienced specialists teaching you how to teach Specialties.

We start with a 4-5 day course where we teach you to teach as many as 5 PADI Specialty Courses out of the following:

  • Deep Diver
  • Enriched Air Diver*
  • Wreck Diver
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Night Diver
  • Search and Recovery Diver
  • Digital Underwater Photographer
  • Sidemount Diver***
  • Dive Against Debris
  • AWARE Shark Conservation Diver
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

For each Specialty Course we will look at how to conduct the training and give you knowledge and tips that you won’t necessarily find in the manuals. We also practice all the skills underwater.

Diving Instructor Internship Program

Our 6-8 week Instructor Internship will enable assist on many courses and gain experience team teaching with our Senior Instructors who have been teaching scuba diving for many years.

During this time, you will not only learn the ropes of the job but you will be given constructive feedback to help you build your own teaching style.

During the Internship, we also look dive operations management, building resumes and marketing techniques that will help you enhance your career in diving.

You will certify a minimum of 25 students, enabling you to apply for the level of Master Scuba Diver Trainer.


MSDT Prep:
15,000 baht**

Diving Instructor Internship Program: 10,000 baht

MSDT + Diving Instructor Internship Program:
22,000 baht **


PADI fees:

$106 Australian dollars per Specialty Instructor Application
$144 Australian dollars for MSDT Application

* Nitrox diver required (can be taught together)
** Sidemount Diver required, includes confined session
*** PADI application fees not included

Receive a 2,000 baht discount on MSDT + Diving Instructor Internship Program when booking a package.

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Koh Tao, Surat Thani, 84360

+66 (0)87-883-6021

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